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[Investigative] The Warden Tells Ping! About The Construction At Parijat

What started on a Monday morning with a loud screech of tyres, ended two weeks later as a peach coloured wall studded with broken glass on the top. The construction project began without warning on the 15th of September with around five to seven workers bringing in cement, sand and bricks in different sized lorries. And soon enough, the laying of bricks started. Alongside began speculations amongst the Parijaat A block residents, and really anyone else who noticed the mess created right next to the block, about what the construction project could be about.

Like all situations where facts are unknown, rumours began to be created about this one as well. The rumour that a gym is what was being built stuck around for a week. Many of course, did not believe that it would work out. It made no sense to have three gyms on campus for starters,  and absolutely no one I know was weighting for a gym to be built in Parijaat. So the target audience would be close to zero. A cafe or a canteen would definitely lift the bar for standards of living in Parijaat, but a gym, no. Before considering those anomalies in the rumour we’d have to talk about the biggest anomaly, the tree.

Beyond the black gate, the one that quite unnecessarily separates the land with the highest concentration of hair products,  the girls hostel, from the rest of the campus,  there existed a cute little bench next to a big tree. The tree had a cement ring built around it,  making it a perfect spot for anyone who is allowed in that area to sit or walk around, while chatting on the phone. With Greta Thunberg going out on a limb to make her point about saving the environment in as many ways as possible, there is no way that a harmless tree in a secluded area in college would be cut down without protest by the students. So the big question was, is the new Parijaat gym going to have a tree growing through its roof? 

Speaking about roofs, it was obvious to everyone that there was no roof being built by the workers a fortnight into the construction. This added to the dilemma of what this entire project was about, causing a couple of Telugu speakers to finally ask the workers themselves to elucidate on what was being built. The workers disclosed that they were building a storeroom. While the workers continued to raise the roof with loud equipment, constant chatter and noisy vehicles, it was still unclear why the said “storeroom” comprised of a single wall and did not have a roof. At this point, a couple of mails had been sent to the hostel warden complaining about the noise. No one liked having to wake up to bad sounding alarms, that weren’t even set by them, for two long weeks.

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