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Aliens in Parijaat ?

This year on the auspicious occasion of “They can’t stop us all” Day our institute had an unusual event celebrating the existence and growth of memes. The event “Storm Parijat” was organised by a group of freshers. It was first hosted on the Facebook group ‘IIIT-Hyderabad UG2k19‘ on the 18th of Sept, 2019, followed by intense promotion on Instagram.

On the day of the event there was considerable participation with people ASSEMBLING BEFORE TIME AS WELL !!! which was the opposite of what happened during their Mock Voting Session held by the Election Commission the previous day. There were several students to coordinate the whole event. Everyone’s face gleamed with excitement as they Naruto Ran from the Bakul gate to the Parijaat one playing the Avengers Theme song in the background. It was truly one of a kind, with people running in horse masks and a dog to ‘end the run’ with.

The event may seem like a mockery of how hard it is to enter the other gender’s hostel, the organisers however stated that the event was not aimed to bring up any social issues.The story doesn’t end here. As the run began, a fake email sent to the UG1 mailing list by “Parijaat security” stating that the event had not been given permission and “we know the names of the students responsible for organising the even (sic). Pahulpreet, Rishabh, MAYANK, Kshitijaa are already in trouble “. A long, well-thought mail was sent by MAYANK (Goel) on behalf of all 4 accused students stating that no rules were broken and they don’t deserve any

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