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Echoes was IIIT’s first publication. Back in 2002, barely months after the first batch had graduated, it came out as a four page newsletter, reporting in black and white some events that had happened on campus lately – including, among them, announcements of a “new, two storied library” that we can presume is what we have today, of new faculty, the first mention of a compulsory mess with cancellation fees for cancellations above a prescribed limit – an archival of sorts, one we can look back at today and study the past.

The Echoes of today looks back at that legacy, and tries to work from there. To serve a twofold purpose: the first, to report the news and events of campus to the greater community at large, and the second, to act as an archival of sorts: that those after may also look back and make, at the least, a cursory attempt to understand their present in the context of the times gone by and events that have occurred with them. We now offer 8 colour pages instead of 4, with much more coverage in each – global news, IIIT specific sports coverage, club updates, upcoming events. IIIT has changed a lot since 2002, and this publication attempts to replicate it. We bring in this issue a collaboration with Programming Club, a IIIT specific crossword, sudoku, comics. There are reports of notable occurrences over the past couple of weeks, and yet others before that we have not been able to cover in any newsletter lately. We have introduced sections that would ideally go on every issue hence, with more to be added later. 

Above all, this publication attempts to represent the IIIT student community to its fullest, which is why we also earmark space specifically for “Letters to the Editor” – and hope you shall respond in earnest.


  1. The Parijat Wall
  2. Hyderabad’s Water Shortage
  3. IIIT’s Area 51 Raid
  4. Unplugged 2019
  5. Confronting Stage Fear – Toastmasters @ IIIT-H
  6. Megathon 2019
  7. SLC Goes All Out For Gandhi Jayanti
  8. A Messy Election
  9. Interhouse Cricket Matches Underway
  10. Programming Club’s Question of the Month
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