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Have you really wondered what you are doing with your life? In what direction your life is paving its path? Does the thought of doing nothing haunt you and torment you constantly? Is there a hole in your heart? A burning desire that frequently asks you to do more but loses its lustre with the passage of time? Does your inner voice question you at every step but your ears are so laced up with false adulations that the conscience of yours is never listened to?

I presume such things happen with every single person on earth. Their desire of doing something great clashes constantly with their brain diluted with emptiness and laziness, resulting in nothingness. People start believing that their small contributions won’t have far reaching consequences, or assume that there are people already available to do the task at hand, so their contribution might bring nothing new to the table.

The above-mentioned scenarios happen constantly with me. I want to achieve. I want to grab every opportunity that the world throws at me. I want to live a fulfilled life. But the constant naggings of my brain hamper my growth, resulting in an empty void deep inside my heart. All those dictums feel like juiceless fruits which are served just to make the dining table look relishing, but are devoid of any kind of taste.

“Believe”, “have faith in yourself.” These phrases have become the cliches of the modern society that we try to blend in, scoffed at as useless. But, these sayings act as a bridge, a passage to carry forward a glimpse of hope which has been locked deep down into the vaults filled with vacuum. They act as a lamp to rekindle your burning desires. Sometimes, a small incident is enough to alter your imagination in an unimaginable way, and your thought process changes completely.

People say that we should learn from nature. We should appreciate its discipline and how it gives but asks for nothing in return. I want to tell all those people that nature has not yet been corrupted. It learns from its kind. But seeing people doing nothing captures our imagination so strongly that it is difficult to escape, and we become corrupted to the core. At one point, our heart is brimming with confidence and our mind is ready to conquer this world. But just one glance in the wrong direction is enough, and our whole world becomes upside down. Our strong will gets dwindled by stronger currents of negativity and our whole confidence comes crashing down to the ground. Nature is free from this. It’s strong chain of continuous positivity doesn’t get rusted by corrosive criticism and pessimism.

This world of social animals is a hard place to survive in. People wait for the right moments, but that’s what they ever do. They don’t see that this world is ruled by the people who create opportunities rather than hanging on endless waiting. Opportunities are dressed in disguise and often missed by common people. You have to be prepared throughout your life. Miracles happen only when right opportunity meets right preparation. Do that and you would be astonished by your own capabilities. At that instance, a canvas depicting your own underachievements will flash right in front of your eyes. You’ll realize that you were an underachiever throughout your life but now the time has come. To take a stand against all those opposing forces. To rise high above all the limitations. To break the shackles and fight.

                                                                “Life is easy, living is hard.”

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