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Back in 2014, at Google I/O the Cardboard was revealed. A piece of cardboard, which after minimal assembly, offers a full VR experience. At the time of release, the only other ways to experience VR were Oculus, OpenVR, which were incredibly expensive.

A good virtual reality setup requires immersion. Most modern android phones have gyroscopes and high-quality screens – which perfectly serve the purpose, when combined with the Cardboard.

You can buy assembled Cardboard sets for prices from Rs. 350 to around Rs. 2000, or you can make your own with a couple of lenses, Velcro, and some cardboard. Make sure you buy cardboard V2 if you have a large phone > 5”5.

With this kit, google has also released and SDK with unity which will allow anyone to quickly build full virtual reality apps, cardboard-ready.

Some apps we thought were great to use with the Cardboard:
Insidious VR
RollerCoaster VR

For more information, look at the following link.
Google Developers Cardboard

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