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This is one of the winning submissions for a writing contest conducted by Ping in 2018.

Here I am
Back again
Standing close
Yet far away

Here I am
Seeing myself
Not laughing yet
Trying to help

Here I was
Not long ago
Seeing myself
These kids don’t know
A fair lot actually
It’s beyond my capacity
To list it all out
So let’s leave that for now

Here I am
Not the kid no more
But smiling a bit
Feeling sophomore

Here I am
Bringing this kid
To the hospital bed
Him thinking he was dead

Here I am
Laughing in my head
At the look on his face
At his attempts to be brave

“I’m feeling uncomfortable”
He said
And I’d never not call him
Idiot again

Here I am
Two years later
Looking at myself
I’ve grown to be greater

Life was about learning I learned

Here I am
Laughing at how much
These kids taught me
And how life always comes

Full circle.

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Chaitanya Mittal
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