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This is one of the winning submissions for a writing contest conducted by Ping in 2018.

I was hired to assassinate a certain human at “IIT Hyderabad”. The name of said human was rather weird, according to my briefing it is ‘Gabrinath’. Thanks to modern technology, I was disguised as an 18 year old with an absurd alias, ‘Vivek Pamnani’.

Day 1:
I entered the institute premises and no student there had any idea what ‘DASA’ was. I referred to my briefing to realise that I had misread IIIT as IIT. The briefing ended with “PS: The third “eye” matters.” I rushed to IIIT-H, completed my registration, and went in search of Gabrinath, my target. To no avail with the search, I went to my room to prepare for the assassination in the hope that I will find my target the next day. Before I could go to sleep, I was asked for an “intro” by three 19 year olds. These kids were so weird, apparently they were surprised by my inability to smile. I attempted to interrogate them about the location of my target, but was abused for ‘asking’. I’m glad it didn’t get physical, three murders would’ve only made my mission more difficult. I slept in my room in the hope of getting out of this place soon.

Day 2:
I was supposed to go through a certain ‘Induction Program’. The classes today were only introductions, everything seemed calm, I began to wonder what could be a possible reason to execute a human in this place. I interrogated the people here about my target but could only get who the person was, no information about his location. According to my sources, this guy was a celebrity here; some hated him, most liked him. I had to go through another “intro” to keep my cover. This mission was getting on my nerves.

Day 3:
I had a painting class today and was supposed to draw our symbolic reflection. I drew the picture of my target in hope of extracting some more information. The professor was impressed and asked why did I draw it. I answered, “Someone mentioned him during my “interaction”, and I saw him today. Can you tell me more about him?” I was asked to stay back for the answer. After the students left, I got to know more about this person; his behavior, his locations at various parts of the day. Unfortunately there was no such time he was alone. The day was long.

Day 4:
Again, there was an arts class, followed by a Value Education class. The professor fellow was rather weird, except ten kids all were sleeping, yet he carried on with his lecture. It seemed difficult to go through this monotonous schedule. The day was long, the schedule was very hectic, most kids didn’t attend most classes.

Day 5:
I didn’t go to any class, stayed in my room to plot my assassination, running simulations. I found a perfect probable moment for my assassination.

Day 6:
This mission was getting more and more troublesome. I was exasperated. More simulations confirmed tomorrow midnight as my chance. I was asked for an “intro” again today by two 19 year olds. Bored as I was, I disabled the two 19 year olds as soon as they got physical, with a grin on my face. I slept knowing that the kids were too afraid to tell anyone about the incident.

Day 7:
The hardest day. At midnight, I killed my target and was extracted safely. I have no idea what happened in IIIT-H later.

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