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To be human…

“God’s watching” that’s what the mom told the impish 3 year old
That’s also what a peacekeeper told a man starving, dying of the cold.
It’s funny how we’re taught to fear before we’re taught to love
Not knowing if it’s respect; or fear for the one above.

God made man complicated, perhaps a faulty design
His intents so malicious, so destructive; so unbenign
He kills his own kind, mercy seems like a cruel joke
His pride and ego so huge, even his creator- he is not afraid to stoke.

His mind corrupted by greed and lust,
His soul consumed by an undying darkness threatening to turn all to dust.
His body, slowly rotting away with time so unpure,
And his heart, vulnerable to the slightest lure.

And yet in this doomsday machine, god hid a killswitch,
Hope, he called it, as he told mankind to make a wish.
Some wished for money, some for power and fame
But the disease called hope got to many, and they wished for the war to cease. They wished for peace.

Man is complicated, yet so beautiful,
He may speak of being a killer, yet his heart so lonely; so juvenile.
We’ve all got this “hope” hidden somewhere deep inside our heart,
A poor design? I prefer to call it a work of art.

Because to be human is to be vulnerable.
To be human, is to be mortal.
To be human, is to hope.
And to be human, is to be grateful.

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