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The site is back up! The site is back up!

The past three months have been a roller-coaster ride here at Ping!

On 17th July, we published an article related to ragging on campus. Apart from throwing light on some systemic issues related to ragging, the author named two perpetrators. A few hours later, the site got taken down by the institute from the internet. Back and forth email conversation with the SLC (Student Life Committee) confirmed that this was not only due to the names, but also because the article had not gone through the SLC before publication. 

Ping! aims to be the voice of the students, a platform for expressing issues and opinions to the college and the world. This includes of course, critical analysis of policies and events in the institute. To have this freedom  Ping! would have to be independent, like other reputed college magazines. Being off the college servers ensures that  the institute need not take responsibility for the content of the magazine, legally or otherwise, and hence need not review or censor the content.

With this power comes responsibility. A more firm and versatile editorial policy is being drafted, one that will keep Ping!’s goals, and responsible journalism in mind. Ping! will manage server funds from now, and will eventually move out of institute help for the print issue as well. 

So, hey, Ping! is now your magazine, more than ever before. Ping! needs the student community as much as the community needs a platform for expression. Reach out to Ping! at pingiiithyd@gmail.com with any opinions, comments or questions you may have.

And as always, keep writing!


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