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~ Cindy

So, IIIT is trending, and filling up my Facebook news feed, pulling me away from my cat videos into finding out more about the courses at IIIT. Students explaining their courses and research work, pretending that they understand it at all themselves.

That said, I really appreciate those YouTube videos promoting dual degree for one thing. It’s a dream come true for “EWW” (Everything Wrong With by CinemaSins) video enthusiasts!

Here, I’ll do one for you. Here’s a scene of a girl pretend typing on a keyboard, which has been recycled across the videos:

Leaving the rest to the nerds. 🙂

This comment

…just shows that no matter how much Sunory tries to make IIIT trend with these new gimmicks, the real thing still making IIIT trend are the Placement Stats.

And for anyone recycling the dialogue “Yaha Ladki Hi Nahi Hai at the next Freshers, this video is IN YOUR FACE:

The other day, I also received this email asking me to look at that revamped blogs.iiit.ac.in, what they’re now calling “Banyan Tech Bytes” (and I thought “Ping” was a weird magazine name). As if those newsletters with recycled newspaper clippings were not sufficient, we must witness more of the circlejerk at IIIT.

It can definitely boast of one unique achievement though; the weirdest puns on IIIT in one place. We made a list of some:

  1. The III(Tea) Guy
    A Google search on “III Tea” shows results for the Boston Tea Party. Because King George III. Revolutionary!
  2. To E(CE) or not to…
    You know how that Hamlet soliloquy was about death, so is ECE.
  3. Dial M for Mental Health
    They really have a thing for death; the original was “Dial M for Murder”. Should’ve thought this one through.

And then there is the piece on “The Highs and Lows of Academic Institutional Rankings”; which if it were written by an emo kid IIIT, could simply be reduced to one line.

“Those kids at the institutional ranking systems. They just don’t get me.” *flicks hair* 

Forget the IITs, I think IIIT can now compete with Lovely Professional University. What we need now are some of these ads between the saas-bahu TV serials, and we’ll earn the right to call ourselves better than LPU. Let’s drink (not chai) to that!

PS: Ping publishing a criticism of marketing, when they unsuccessfully solicit for sponsorship with a “Your Ad Here” page in every issue. Hilarious.

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