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It’s not daily that you meet a person who lives his life with passion, who is always there for friends both in their good and bad times, someone whom you can count on and someone who you know would be there for you always no matter what. No words will ever be sufficient to describe Rounak and the void in our lives without him. Our small group have become even smaller and incomplete without him.

In simple words, Rounak was a tough guy, with small dreams and simple desires, who believed that “Everything will be alright in the end, and if things are not right, then it’s simply not the end”. The words which inspired me the most and the one thing about him which I’ll always remember. He basically taught me to live life with a positive mind, a humble self and no worries.

He loved cricket and movies, with Sehwag and Imran Hashmi as his favourites. He had tons of video clips containing the best of Sehwags career and believed that Sehwag would make a comeback into the team. So basically he had some bad taste when choosing favourite people, but otherwise everything about him was mostly normal.

He had an amazing and a happy life, unfortunately a short one, even then the impact he had on our lives is immeasurable. Will always miss him for his humor, his weird fantasies and his stupid childish likings, that ultimately made him who he was, a good person and a great friend.

So finally, the one thing that we would like Rounak to know is that “You’re are greatly missed, for all the happiness and inspiration that you bought to my life. We are grateful for all the time we got to spend with you.”

Vishal Garg Sir –
“Rounak was instrumental in developing a cutting edge technology tool, designed for architects, at our centre. He was a brilliant and industrious student. While his contribution to the centre was significant, he was well known for his pleasant and down to earth personality. He use to work silently in the background with full devotion and had a promising life ahead him. Rounak will be remembered for his thoughtful and friendly personality.”

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