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Flowers bloom, then fall.
Snow settles, then melts.
In a matter of seconds,
The seasons seem to change.
Time has flown so fast.
When I look back,
I see your shadow.
Your face hasn’t faded.
Your figure hasn’t become a blur.
And your words, your last words-
They are set in stone.
The quiver in your voice,
The sadness in your eyes,
They haunt me still.
I don’t know how to feel,
Don’t know what to do,
Should I hold on to it all?
Or let go, walk away.
Your hand slipping from mine,
The cries of all those around,
Closing your eyelids so you seem asleep.
I don’t think I can let go,
Don’t think I can walk away.
You left me broken.
You left me lost.
You left me with regrets.
It’s been a decade.
Till today, I still remember
That day.
That fateful day.
“Never forget me.”
As if I can.
You’re impossible to forget.
A memory stuck on my mind
Like a wine stain.


-Sneha Bandla
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