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It was one of those nights you could call perfect. The sky was just the right shade of grey, and the stars twinkled like her bright shiny eyes. She stared outside her window and the breeze gently swept the hair off her face. It was 11:30 p.m. She knew it was one of those nights that she had a reason to smile her glorious smile.
After all, she had a whole meatloaf sandwich in her fridge. That made for the perfect midnight snack. And so she got down the stairs, remembering a similar night not that long ago. She felt warm inside, like she would feel in the protective arms of her lover. A flush of pink took over her cheeks, until she heard a sudden thud outside. It sounded like someone threw her cat against a wall. But then, she didn’t have a cat. She was allergic to cats. And then she heard a sudden screech from her backyard, and she knew it was finally time.The secret that she kept from the rest of the world was to be revealed that night. Her reason for being was finally being tested and she knew, that from that day on, things would not stay the same. She was a ninja. And her secrets were in danger. She knew it was time for her Katana and Shurikens to come out of hiding. She knew her moment had arrived. She could not let down her clan. She pulled herself together and got into position under the robes given to her by her Sensei. She remembered the ideals she was fighting for. The place she came from and the responsibility that she had to undertake. The clock struck twelve and there was a rush of blood to her head. She was prepared. Ready to take it on. The door creeps open and a shiver runs down her spine.”Happy Birthday!” scream her best friends. Her mom comes from behind and hugs her, “Are you going for a costume party?” she mocks. She smiles to herself and thinks, “If only!”.

– Priyanka Suresh (UG1)

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