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We are the Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship. We help students build great stuff from nothing. We have done it ten times in the past. And we have plans to do it a million times in the future.
So what do we do?

We hear your ideas out.

We call a spade a spade. If the spade is broken, we tell you to build a new spade.

We recognize your awesomeness and back you up.

We open doors for you. We run, fall and get back up with you.

When you don’t need us anymore, we applaud and go back to hear someone else out.
How do we do it?
We hold entrepreneurship courses and events.

We facilitate patents.

We mentor and fund your ideas.

We could help you create the future.

If you have a big idea, come and talk to us.

If you have been toying with it for a while, come and talk to us tomorrow.

If you have built something great, come and talk to us right now.

If you don’t have a big idea, come and talk to us and we’ll hook you up with some great ones.

Either way, come and talk to us.

So stop thinking about how the world could be a better place, and start making it better.

Reach us:

www.iiith.org | fb.com/iiithfoundation | @iiithf | prashanth.meka@iiit.ac.in

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