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You see the maiden, this glorious woman she seems to be,

The epitome of destruction, don’t you see?

The allure of a silver face, shine on thee,

But beneath the charm, flow an enraged sea.

Behind the pearls of those lustrous glancing eyes,

the agony and pain does not seem to suffice.

The swerve of her waist and her elegant bosom disguise,

the heart beating inside that bellows and cries.

Outside my cove, unassuming as you may,

Set out on a voyage, whilst you’re on your way,

As the sight of me beckons in you a sense of dismay

Battered and lacerated you will lay.

With every strange step approaching I cry,

All of heavens principles as i defy,

Please don’t come for me O mortal, you’ll die

Overwhelming, my blood thirsty passions will not decry.

As I destroy you, I shriek, I ache,

In turmoil I survive, as it’s your life at stake,

For once you come, my passionate pleasures overtake,

And then it would be too late and I can’t forsake.

As I feast o’er my conquests my heart will weep,

As the burning venom through your veins will seep,

Your breath is precious, that will snatch and keep

Slowly and painfully, as I put you to sleep.

Don’t you see my despair, my desperation?

For the love in me wants to see you in salvation

To save you and me from me, is my helpless exhortation,

In innocent souls I devour, as I grieve in lamentation.

Since yesterday I’ve grown but not a moment past my youth,

My existence be damned is the gospel truth,

The tyranny of this life is disgusting, uncouth

For mortal blood makes for my vermouth.

O Typhoeus, can you hear my pleas?

I send my messages to Etna through the breeze,

I yearn for your presence through this unease,

In your dark shadows, I’ll find peace.

By Priyanka Suresh

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