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Why do we like sci-fi movies so much? Spaceships? Time Machines? Phasors and Light Sabers? We love them because they give us hope for a future that contains amazing technological inventions and exciting explorations and adventurous battles.

What if the future was completely different from that? What if 500 years from now, the world was completely different from what we thought it would be?

A world where avalanches are not land or snowbut garbage. Where food doesn’t come from farmlands, but chemical plants. What if we didn’t have water in our pipelines, but Coca-Cola?

What if the president wasn’t chosen for his qualifications but for the number of WrestleMania titles he had won? What if the movie that won 8 oscars was called “Ass”? What if the average person right now, will be the smartest person 500 years from now?

Meet Cpt. Joe “ Remarkably Average “ Bauers (played by Luke Wilson), who, along with Rita “The Artist” (played by Maya Rudolph) participates in a military funded hibernation experiment designed to preserve them for long periods of time. But due to circumstances, instead of being under for a year, they end up in stasis for 500 years.

When they wake up, they find themselves in the middle of a society where somebody thought it was a good idea to put slot machines in hospital lobbies. They find that humanity has evolved in a strange pattern because survival of the fittest doesn’t apply anymore. Being moronic is no longer life threatening.  The viewer follow along with “Average” Joe and “Artist” Rita as they start to find out they are the smartest people alive and how they are forced to change the world to stay out of prison.

Idiocracy is a satirical comedy that points outs the glaring consequences of today’s society that allows stupidity to prevail over intelligence. It tiptoes the line between real and absurd in such a fine way you’ll find yourself questioning whether you are laughing at the way it has been depicted in the movie or the way it actually is in real life. This is a world where being brainwashed by relentless advertising is not only acceptable, but encouraged, and the degradation of language is the new in-thing. And the scary part wasit could become true. When you see the movie, you’ll laugh, and then you’ll be horrified, because it will be too real to be funny. Major issues are tackled in a way makes even the most apathetic person think about what is happening in this world.  


There are a lot of parallels that can be drawn between this movie and present day pop culture. The blind love for junk food and finding braindead entertainment humourous have become predominant. Donald Trump can be compared to the dim-witted wrestler turned president. Kudos to the casting director who cast Terry Crews as the President. We couldn’t think anyone (except Arnold Schwarzenegger, maybe?) could have brought out the irony in the role and actor. The showcase of the infrastructure in what is a dystopian world was comical and refreshingly not bleak. However, the portrayal of all the elements was exaggerated in such a way that after a point, it is explicit. The plot was in-your-face, which was an irony in itself, considering the theme. The ending was abrupt and catered to the ‘happily-ever-after’ trope.

In conclusion, the movie was funny, yet jarringly realistic and the screenplay was well-written.

Do try this movie out in light of the upcoming U.S Presidential elections. It’s a simple, funny movie without any complicated plotlines. Whether Idiocracy is seen as a comedy movie or a documentary five hundred years from now, remains to be seen.

Rating – 5/8

P.S –  Remember, the plastic bottle you tossed out today, can lead to an avalanche of garbage tomorrow.

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