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All views here are expressed in good humour. Take them the way they’re intended, or don’t at all.
~ Cindy

The note on KCIS Symposium on ‘AI & Society’* on IIIT Hyderabad’s Facebook page is the finest example of letting your work speak for itself. It looks like it’s written by an infant AI bot learning the alphabet. Do not miss the emboldening of the big names. I am so impressed.

Honourable Mr. Shri Appaji-ji Garu is one of the most respected members of IIIT’s administration, the person people first approach in the case of any difficulty. Free will may or may not be a thing, but Appaji-ji’s destiny was written the day of his naming ceremony.

The Campus Canine Club (Cell?) just used a Joker reference on their website. They must think they’re being ironic.


One Prof. R, who shall not be named herein, has been pelting kidney stones at students protesting for their water cooler rights.

Why do some professors feel that having a quiz right before a mid semester exam is a good idea? Who in their right mind would like to get fucked before getting fucked?

The programming club is a symbol of Gandhism in the institute. OJ was cruel, OJ was tyrannical. The programming club embraces its ideals in protest.

People in IIIT care more about getting a dog evicted than getting their thesis accepted.

The Ping! editorial team tells me that it’s because of them asking questions that the Dean hurriedly changed the physical registration process. The nerve that these kids have these days, I tell you.


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