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A two-fold procedure – “Screening students eligible for selection by elections”.

Do we need a two-fold procedure?
A genuine leader needs two things – justifiable inter and intra personal skills. Personally, I feel that neither elections nor selection can aptly evaluate both these skills.I believe, a perfect blend of election and selection, would bring out the best leaders for democracies.

Why did I think of a twofold process?
Having a lot of nominees, even when elections are not constituency based, should not be an issue anymore.
A person with a lot of support but is unfit needs to be distinguishable from an eligible nominee, who may not be as popular.
The procedure we follow shouldn’t have loopholes like – a person getting elected just because of the support he has, which he could have achieved either by fair or unfair means or a person getting selected just because he is well-known to the interviewers.

Twofold process in detail.
By elections as the first fold, we can scrutinize students who have certain necessary qualities like approachability, sociability and a fairly positive opinion amongst his/her batch-mates. From the set of students who get elected, their line of thinking, ideology, convictions etc… could be evaluated, on the basis of their interviews. With this twofold process the selection and the election rounds have simplified, distinct and well-defined goals.
However, a critical decision that shouldn’t be left unmentioned is the ratio of the number of students who get elected to the number of students that get selected in this twofold process.
We could as well have a fair 2nd round, by selecting students based on their answers to predefined questions, revealing the students identity only after the selection. Thus the issues of transparency like, why one was selected over the other can be addressed with reasons and evidences.
This procedure consuming a lot more time and effort than Elections could be a valid objectionable point, but it takes lesser time and is more efficient when compared to Selections, if there are a lot of student contestants.


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