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“Let me clear it again. I am going to say a word. Tell me the first thing that comes in your mind. Do you get that?” (gently)


“I would take that as a yes. Let’s start again.”




“Well… I think you…”


“Good. Car?”

“For lazy ones.”


“Never going to end.”


“Useless paper.”


“We wear many.”


“Don’t remember how to anymore.”


“Made me cry.”






“Doesn’t matter.”


“A lost treasure.”




“Everyone should have.”





“I know it is hard for you. But I really want to know. You know why I am here. right?”


“I am not afraid of the truth. I want to know.”


“Come on! Talk to me! Tell me a lie. I ,at least, deserve that.” (losing his temper)

The guy was staring down but for the first time, but he looked up now. His eyes were visible for the first time. They still had that shine but the rest were telling a different story entirely. Long, messed up hair, a face that was unshaven for years, body completely broken down and  wearing pale orange rags. It seemed that he could just die any moment.
The questioner was taken by surprise meeting the eyes of the captive.
“Water.” (in slow voice)

“Oh… pardon me?”

“Water.” (in same slow voice)

“Someone get him a glass of water, quickly. Thank you… do you mind if I record our conversation?”


“Great. I will be right back. Here is your water. Take your time. Knock the table when you are ready, Mr. Steve”

(he left the room.)
Mr. Ken came out of the interrogation room and took the recorder from his bag.
“I have been working in this prison for a little more than five years now.
I joined around the same time Steve was jailed.” said the old jailer to Mr. Ken.
“So, is that a coincidence?” replied Mr. Ken
“No, actually they increased the security after his arrival in this jail. But I never understood one thing.”

“What is that?”

“This guy in five years never spoke. Not even for once! He never smiled. He is almost dead so to speak. I know he has done terrible things. But I don’t know why sometimes I feel bad about him. He is punishing himself more than this prison is!”

“Hmm… and why are you telling me this?”

“Well, It seems you are asking some important questions. I thought you should know.”

“Thank you.”

“Seems like Steve knows you, Mr. Ken.”

“Of course… I am that very reporter that put him behind the bars.”

“If I may ask… What do you want from him?”

“I want to know the truth. It’s eating me badly… I want…”

Their conversation is interrupted by sound of knocking the table. Three Gentle knocks each the same time gap between them.
“Sorry, I need to go.”said Mr. Ken.
Mr. Ken went inside the room. The jailer saw Mr. Ken went inside and sitting on the chair through one way visible glass. Mr. Ken put that small recorder on the table and started it. Jailer’s eyes turned towards Steve who was looking directly in the eyes of Mr. Ken.
“What do want to ask, Ken?”

“I want to know everything. I want to know the truth.”

“Truth. Truth. Go home Ken. You have already saved the masses and the day. Enjoy your victory. Don’t waste your time and victory here.”

“It’s important for me to know what happened.”

“There is nothing but pain in it. Once you knew it, you won’t be able to take it back. You will wish, you never have known it.”

“I understand, but I can’t live like this either. Living life that is a lie. At least I deserve a truth at the end of this madness.”

“Everyone who wants to know the truth deserves the truth. Sadly I never wanted it. But warning you is my responsibility.”

“Since when did you started worrying about me?”

“I hold nothing against you. On contrary, I appreciate what you have done. You did your job. I know what I did and What I deserve. They say they would kill me soon in electric chair. It doesn’t matter. I am already dead.”

“I want to know your story. Why you did what you did? Who was with you? There are so many lies.”

“My story. You want to know the story of a young man, a promising scientist trying to change the world. Or the story of how he ended up close to destroying hundreds of lives, how he became so evil? Or the story how he fooled everyone? Or how he got fooled by you, Mr. Ken?”

“You know what I want to hear.”

“Then it isn’t story of either of them. This isn’t about good versus bad. This isn’t about good turning into evil or the other way around. This is an honest story from the perspective of evil himself. There is no antagonist or protagonist in this story. There is no happy ending to it. But I can assure you one thing you will get your answers. But you may not like them.”

“I am not afraid of truth.”

“You should be Mr. Ken.”

“Let’s start where we left. Fear?”

“Everyone should have it.”


“Ruined, long ago. Whatever that’s left is the ‘Ruins Of Truth’! ”
(And Steve started his story.)


Part 1: The First Lie

To be continued…



Note By Writer:

Hey Guys, First of all this isn’t the entire story. :p This is just a prologue to the story. The story is divided in three parts. All the three are mostly independent but connected through a thread of intrigue, with the same characters leading to an epic conclusion. Story will be plot-driven, crafted very rationally and unique. It will a bit realistic sci-fi, with total suspense, and many twists, cool conversations and most importantly, it would be story worth telling. 🙂 I am very excited. Hope you will enjoy it too!

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