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Cool breezes seeping aside,

Charming partner sitting beside,

Into your eyes let me fall,

Lets take a dip into the world beyond.

Closer we move in the shade of night,

“Oh how bright is today’s moonlight”

With utmost affection you too reply,

“Get up Dear, its the new tube-light!”

It came as a dagger, plunged my heart,

How can light draw souls apart?

I carried up my lazy soul, held my grounds tight,

Began the expedition, for a place without moonlight.

And there it was, near the valley of flowers,

Space enough for two, to sit and to look.

To admire and to dwell, from the sight of others,

What initially started by exchanging books;

“So dark is the night and yet a wonder

I’ll keep you as an angel, today and forever”

A new chapter was coming to life,

when at once came a shrieking noise;

Two ‘known’ figures emerging from the dark,

“Ex..Ex..Excuse me! This is preoccupied!!”,

We hustled through the bushes,

jumped across the rail,

Vanished out of sight,

Phew! no signs of our trail.

“Oh Dear!, seniors they were,

Living their last days,

We’ll find another, but

lets give them this space”

Tick! It is midnight sharp.

The labs all closed, the canteen shut;

Cakes flying in grounds,

And juice centre’s messed up!

Two monstrous lights, staring so hard,

The Himalyan Range looks covered with snow!

Still not content, they bought more ‘white’,

Two for the Main building and two for the courts!

“Dear, the stage was set, our scripts were ready;

I acted like your Sherlock, searched all spots,

I could find many, yet I am sorry,

so much brightness, so much glare,

White-lights hanging everywhere;

A casual meet, we intended,

A formal , we were awarded”

So bitter was I, you did sense;

And replied, restoring the lost balance;

“Let the trees sleep

We’ll not ruin their night;

Not far, Not away, there’s a stage still;

But, disclosing new locations

would only enhance their bill.”


Shiv Raj -UG2

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