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Dance Group

The beginning of this year marked the commencement of the IIIT-H dance group. The student founders of the group were all very enthusiastic for their new venture. The group aims at improving the skills of the students in various genres of dance. It is based on the principle of mutual learning, an “I will teach you how to do this if you teach me how to do that” philosophy. Events like jamming sessions, workshops and intercollegiate events will provide a platform for all those passionate about the art form.
Take this opportunity to come out of your shell, try something new and showcase your talent. Contact Parag Gupta (7416524684) or Piyush Ahuja (UG3) for details and answers to your queries.Chess Group

The newly found chess group shall provide refuge from the pressures of a busy college life allowing one to pursue one’s passion towards the game. The group is structured like a forum where strategies will be discussed to help one in improving their game play and defeating the opponent. Impromptu tournaments and intercollegiate events will be held to allow the students to gain experience in this game. Also, the group plans to have meetings to watch and analyse famous matches thereby learning the tricks and moves that have made the professionals invincible.

Lose yourself in this world of black and white commanding a whole army, happy checkmating! Contact Rahul Sharma (8897868210) or Vivek Hamirwasia (9703270593) for details and answers to your queries.

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