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As the midnight of 31st December 2011 came closer, it was time to bid farewell to a year that had been marvellous for most part, peppered with some occasional disappointment. All the students gathered in Felicity Ground to welcome the NEW YEAR. A crackling fire, evergreen classics and the company of friends – that’s how the IIITians welcomed 2012.
The celebrations started at 10:00 P.M. with students gathering around the bonfire, enjoying its warmth and radiance. A round of dumb-charades was played which was followed by Antakshari. People grooved to hits in Telugu, Punjabi and Hindi to welcome the New Year. Finally, people wished each other a happy and prosperous New Year and dispersed from the place, cherishing the memories of the night and a hope for one more memorable year ahead.A usual morning was accredited with a special feel when the nation rose to salute the glittering tricolor on 26th January – 63rd anniversary of our Republic Day. The campus celebrations witnessed a good gathering of students and staff. The guest of honor for the day was Dr. Raja Reddy.

Framing the place with a patriotic thrust, there were speeches by Dr. Kamal, Dr. Rajeev Sangal and Dr. Dipti Mishra. This was followed by the flag hoisting by Dr. Sangal. Marking the serenity of the occasion was the Oath taking ceremony of the Parliament members from UG1, which was assisted by the SLC Chair, Dr. Mishra.

Cultural events comprised singing and a skit performance. Patriotic songs like Sare jahan se accha and Dharti sunheri ambar neela were enough to rouse the audience. A series of dances were performed by the flash mob dance group too. Also, there were speeches in Hindi and English, delivered by Chetna Gupta (UG1) and Anhad Jai Singh (UG1) respectively.

Later, a blood donation camp was organized in the campus. In the end, everybody left with smiling faces leaving the familiar tricolor which swayed with pride under the shining sun of what had turned out to be an unusual morning.

And now, the IIIT-H community has geared up itself for the most awaited festival of the year – Felicity 2k12 – with the theme of “Reclaim, Redefine, Relive”. The Design team has been working with great vigour and zeal, to come up with a great look for the brochures and designs for numerous eye-catching posters. The main website has been successfully launched, and the campus decoration has already started with great enthusiasm. The individuals participating in the Inaugural events, which comprise of 7 to 8 dances and a skit based on the theme, “Life is a Cycle” aka “It’s never a Doom’s day” are practicing extensively despite their tight schedules to make the Inauguration an event that’ll truly knock everyone’s socks off. One of the major promotional events so far has been the flash mob, held on Republic Day in the Inorbit mall. It had a whopping 70 to 80 people participating. This was the first time that a flash mob was organized for a college fest in Hyderabad! A major change incorporated into this year’s fest will be Pulsation which is a separate ECE event. Also, there will be prelims held for the Rock Night this time, tentatively to be held on the 15th and 16th of February. The organizers have certainly put in loads of effort and have brainstormed extensively to think outside the box and come up with new, interesting ideas for this year’s Felicity. It has been the unanimous opinion of everyone who has previously been a part of Felicity – that the preparation leading up to the actual event is where the true fun lies. People get to interact with others from different batches. Everyone with genuine interest and true spirit is given an opportunity to perform. All in all, IIITians should be prepare themselves for this year’s Felicity, which is going to be bigger and better than anything it has ever seen before!

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