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Finance and Investment Club

The city of lotus eaters has made us soft. Nobody thinks or feels or cares any more. The rich don’t get richer because ‘it’s meant to be’ that way. It’s because they were never really questioned or challenged. Wealth grab, corporate betrayal and making the hungry pay. The biggest multi-nationals have depended on government research, national defence and built their businesses on the backs of taxpayers. Yet they have turned around and mocked us with job cuts, low wages and what not. We strongly believe it’s time for active resistance.

Finance and Investment club is the newly incorporated club on campus and we seek to learn, educate and analyse finance with the objective of becoming/creating informed individuals who are able to play a greater role in the economy.

We started our campaign with the fundraiser ‘Paint for a Cause’, and we are extremely happy with the proceedings so far. Yes, ‘Paint for a Cause’ doesn’t relate to finance, but our objective was to show that, the smallest of initiatives can make a huge difference. Another reason for the event was that, everyone wants to feel like they are a part of something and we made an attempt to provide that.

In the near future, we plan to organize TED talks, panel discussions, information sessions on careers in finance, finance lecture weeks, number crunching competitions and a lot more.

Join and help us create a wonderful finance culture on campus.

Founder, Finance and Investment Club IIIT-H.


In cities full of large malls and big resteraunts and in a society where the paradigm of large reigns our imagination, sometimes that small little cafe in one corner of the road with just 4 tables catches my attention. It is that small cozy place which is frequented by a small group of people. The owner knows everyone and there is a comfortable sense of belonging to that place which serves as a retreat from everything big and extravagant.

Do you relate to that kind of a place? Well LitCafe at Felicity is exactly that kind of a place.
In a fest that is alive with a myriad events, a small group of people gather to stimulate their creative centers and have a good time. from creative writing to speaking, there are events to suit everyone’s tastes.

LitCafe in Felicity 2k14 hosted a blog writing contest sponsered by Cool Age India. This contest attracted a lot of crowd due to topics that resonated with a lot of people.
Secondly, it hosted an extempore creative speaking contest where participants were to choose 3 props from many and spin a story around them. story telling was redefined that evening!
On the last evening came the classic treasure hunt. it was the LitCafe’s attempt at extravagance and boy, was it a fest! A trail of clues and tasks laid across the campus, beckoned a huge crowd which quickly formed teams and set to the task.

What LitCafe will host this year is best left unanswered now.
Only one thing is for sure, it’ll be awesome!

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