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We walked into the campus engulfed by a myriad of thoughts and emotions, our brains trying to register the fact that we were being picked from a world of known and dropped into the tumultuous waters of unknown. The meaning of home was about to change. But even amidst all the chaos and uncertainty, the billboard that said ‘UG1–2k12’, surrounded by the green that was seen everywhere, seemed to give out only positive vibes.

After the registration process, which was a cakewalk, thanks to the extremely well coordinated student body, came the big O – Orientation. Spanning two weeks, headed by the apex body, and followed up by all our mentors, not only did it help make our transition into this ‘new’ life a rather smooth one, but it also gave us a glimpse, just the tip of the iceberg, into the world that is IIIT-H.

Not a day went by without a list of ‘firsts’ – first campus tour (which frankly left us more lost than before), first lecture, first list of reference books for C Pro, first glass of juice in the canteen, not to forget our first in-‘formal’ and of course! our much awaited house meeting.

We were the first batch in a long time to have an orientation trip. From climbing those 365 steps up to the King’s Chamber in Golconda, to begging for water the entire way through; from playing with our seniors, to being awed by the artifacts at Salarjung – it was “the” day for us facchas. And the best part was being referred to as ‘IIITians’ during the entire trip.
This was just the start, as the week that followed saw us shedding our inhibitions and singing, dancing and screaming till the wee hours of morning. It used to be a sight to see people sleeping on the floor, reminding us of our railway stations, with their assignments and laptops, and gorging on DLF ke samose, after hours of practice. But all the missed hours of sleep and preachings of seniors finally paid off when we recognized our hidden potential to perform on stage and enjoy it, even when the entire audience screamed ‘kassu’ at us and picked up their chairs in what, we could only hope was appreciation. No matter what the results, it was truly a night to remember.

It’s been almost a month now and it’s still surprising to think how far we have come. We have successfully met our assignment deadlines, entertained people, woke up in time for yoga and P.T. and still managed to stay awake in classes. Our stay here has been much like the weather: it’s sunny, it’s windy and sometimes rainy, but at the end of the day it feels like home. And all said and done, after all sab lite hai yaar.

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