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Just a week before Mid-2 Exams, again came the cultural season to add to the flavours of fun and rejoice. The Inter-House Collage was organized on 3rd March in SH1. There were five teams from each house, each comprising of two members. Teams were given a maximum time limit of 90 minutes to make a collage on the topic “Man vs. Environment”. Lots of interesting designs were seen being implemented creatively on a sheet, which made it very difficult for the judges to decide the best. The results were as mentioned below:

1st: Medha Pathak and Saumya Chaudhary (Aakash)
2nd: Sharan Girdhani and Navya Raghava (Prithvi)
3rd : Vidit Gupta and Manushree Vijayvergiya (Agni)

The very next day, Inter-House Sketching was organized at the same venue. It was an individual event of five participants from each house. The topic for sketching was “Fear”, on which some very good and scary sketches were made in a time limit of 1 hour. Abhishek Paliwal of Vayu bagged the 1st position, followed by Shivraj of Prithvi (2nd) and Palash Pandya of Aakash (3rd).

The next events in the series were Inter-House Instrumentals and Group Singing on 19th march, which were pretty competitive too. Interestingly, in Instrumentals, all the winners were from UG2!. The results were as follows :

1st: Ruchit Agarwal(Aakash)
2nd: Ayush Tewari(Prithvi)
3rd: Venkatesh Potluri(Aakash) and Archit Chouhan(Prithvi)

Group Song:

Classical :
1st: Urmi Ghosh and group (Vayu)
2nd: Rohit Talwar and group (Agni)
3rd: Prateek Goel and group (Prithvi)

Western :
1st: Sakshi Gupta and group (Aakash)
2nd: Urmi Ghosh and Group (Vayu)
3rd: Priam Parashar and group (Agni)

This was followed by Inter-House Skit on 24th March at the Basket ball court. It was a great depiction of the acting talents in IIIT-H. Mr Srinivas (a professional theatre artist) was invited to judge the event. Masum Lodha, Raveesh Motlani, Prashant Gupta and Diksha Yadav were announced as best performers. The results were as follows:

1st Vayu
2nd Aakash
3rd Agni
4th Prithvi

Then, after several postponements, the Solo singing competition finally took place on the 31st of March. The Judge for the event — Dr Ravindra Tejasvi (a well-known music director) duly appreciated the performances. In classical solo, the first position went to Prateek Saxena of Prithvi, the second position to Radha Manisha of Aakash and third to Shariq Khan and Anirudh Beria of Vayu and Agni respectively. In western solo singing, Urmi Ghosh and Ishan Misra (both Vayu) secured the first position, and the third postion went to Radha Manisha (Aakash) and Priyam Parashar (Agni).

Finally came the last and most important event in the cultural calendar, i.e. the Cult-Night, which took place on 6th April. The whole of IIIT-H witnessed some amazing performances and the effort put in by every house was clearly visible. Although there was an unavoidable time-delay in starting the event and some unprepared performances which the audience didn’t enjoy much, it was overall a great success. The results are as follows :

Group Cultural Dance:
1st: Praneetha and group (Prithvi)
2nd: Urmi Ghosh and group (Vayu)
3rd: Tanvi Gupta and group (Aakash)

Western Group Dance :
1st : Yash and group (Prithvi)
2nd: Akshay Mani and group (Aakash)
3rd: Kalyan and group (Aakash)

Classical Solo Dance:
1st: Jyoti Jha (Vayu,UG-1)
2nd: Meghana Yadav (Prithvi, M-Tech)
3rd: Praneetha (Prithvi, UG-3)

Western Solo Dance:
1st: Meghana Yadav(Prithvi, M-Tech) and Ruchit Bhatt(Agni,UG-3)
3rd: Parag Gupta(Aakash,UG-2)

Finally, this year’s cultural calendar resulted in Prithvi topping the Cult charts followed by Vayu, Aakash and Agni, in that order.

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